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With   the   Tastewise   solution,   food   and   beverage   brands,    restaurants,    and    hospitality    groups    are    equipped to create data-driven product development and marketing innovation. Tastewise brings the power of  data  to  the  art  of  food  and  beverage  intelligence.  Our AI technology analyses billions of food data points -from  social  media,  menus,  recipes  and  more  -  to  provide real-time insights into consumer motivations.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Data-driven     approach     to     understand     the     motivations within consumer decisions.
  • Data-informed  innovation.  With  current  data  on  consumer   tastes   readily   available,   companies   are   able   to   develop   laser-focused   marketing   strategies to capture relevant audience segments. Product  development  teams  are  set  to  explore  the  market  to  identify  possible  white  spaces,  or  validate   existing   product   and   marketing   ideas   with  the  most  current  information  on  consumer  trends.

Eliezer Kaplan 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel


Laura Hoffman, Global Accounts Director
+9725 22 52 24 05