SwissDeCode has the vision of building trust and securing the global food value chain. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the company helps food producers to grow and supply food that is safe to eat by delivering real time certification of authenticity, safety and quality of products, processes and premises.

SwissDeCode’s DNAFoil® technology allows farmers, food manufacturers and other agents in the food value chain to quickly detect soil, animal and plant diseases, as well as food contamination or adulteration, on the spot and without long lab delays.

Competences & Capabilities

With over 280.000 DNA fingerprints in our library, we can offer customised food safety solutions to any agents along the food value chain.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Food quality and food safety
  • Bacteria control
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Anti-counterfeit technology
  • Innovative foodtech and agritech solutions
  • Process equipment innovation
  • Industrial processes optimisation


Chemin du Closel 5 1020 Renens Switzerland

Regional area: West

Country: Switzerland


Brij Sahi
+41 79 855 63 78

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