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SatAgro was founded by a group of enthusiasts in the areas of satellite monitoring and agronomy. By now, solutions for individual farms are already operational, while crop intelligence at a regional scale is at the phase of a prototype. The SatAgro automated crop monitoring service is live since 2015 and already helping to manage more than 1% of all harvested crops in Poland, and some areas in other countries. Our specialty is Variable Rate Application of Nitrogen fertiliser and other agrochemicals. We offer intuitive interactive tools to derive electronic instructions which are compatible with a range of machinery.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialization and technological expertise:

  • Optimisation of agrochemicals and water use in crop production
  • Implementation of variable rate application (agrochemicals, water) at various spatiotemporal scales
  • Compatibility with agrochemical spreaders and sprayers
  • Environmental modelling with inputs from satellite sensors
  • Crop recognition and yield forecasting
  • Satellite driven crop intelligence at scales from individual fields to regions 
  • Automated processing chains and Internet interfaces for end-users

93 Zwirki I Wigury, 02-089 Warsaw, Poland


Przemyslaw Zelazowski
+48 608 438 432