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RootWave uses electricity to zap weeds with zero chemicals to offer a sustainable and scalable alternative to chemical herbicides. The technology is sustainable, no-till and cost-comparative to herbicides. RootWave have launched a professional hand-weeder for parks and gardens for spot-weeding and treating invasive weed species. RootWave is developing automated weeders for agriculture for cereal, vegetable and fruit crops. RootWave is located in the UK and Europe.

Competences & Capabilities

  • RootWave develops technology and products that use electricity to kill weeds.
  • RootWave is world-leader in technology leveraging work of Dr Mike Diprose who has worked with this technology for 40 years
  • RootWave has robust and broad-spectrum patents in place to protect technology
  • RootWave has a world-class development team in place
  • RootWave is backed by V-Bio Ventures, Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund and Pymwymic

8 Brook Business Park Brookhampton Lane, Kineton, CV35 0JA United Kingdom


Andrew Diprose, CEO