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Redefine Meat
Redefine Meat


Redefine Meat's mission is to make the perfect steak without the need for animals. Instead of cows, the company utilizes plant-based ingredients, proprietary meat-modelling and industrial-scale 3D food printers. Targeting meat distributors, restaurants and retailers, Redefine Meat has developed patent-pending technology that replicates the texture, flavour, and eating experience of beef.

Competences & Capabilities

Alternative meat options currently available can only compete with the lower end of the comparable animal-meat products – in terms of cost, quality and range. We set a new level of innovation in the meat alternatives category with a breakthrough that will appeal to the palate of not only vegetarians and flexitarians, but also meat lovers.

Redefine Meat

Prof. Hillel ve-Khanan Oppenheimer St 10, Rehovot, 7670110, Israel


Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO & Co-Founder