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NutriLeads  is  a  pre-commercial  Health  Ingredients  Company  developing  crop-derived  food  ingredients  with   clinically   proven   health   benefits   for   specific   consumer groups.

Our      innovative      natural      ingredients      support      physiological   processes   in   the   human   body   and   modulate the gut microbiome.

Our most advanced ingredient, Xtramune™, is a unique proprietary carrot-derived fibre under development to support  immune  function  and  increase  resistance  to  respiratory infections.

Competences & Capabilities

  • NutriLeads is a Health Ingredient Innovator for the food and dietary supplement industry
  • We  offer  clinically  proven  innovations  in  the  fast  growing health ingredients market
  • We  have  has  a  promising  platform  technology  to  develop ingredients with specific health benefits
  • Our lead product Xtramune™ is poised to become the first health ingredient with a specific immune claim
  • The   leadership   team   has   extensive   industry   knowledge and a proven track record

Bronland 12-N 6708WH Wageningen o The Netherlands


Erik Dam, CBO
(+31) 6 12 50 07 64