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Natufia Labs
Natufia Labs

The Natufia Kitchen Garden is the only hydroponic garden system allowing for many different varieties to grow at the same time in your kitchen anytime of the year. No more food mileage, no more pesticide, no more tasteless tomatoes, basil, lemon grass, strawberries, mint, sage or lettuce. Grow organic food with style & ease, recover the true taste of things, safely.

Experts on taste know that the richness of taste is related to the root system and that yield mass is strictly linked to root volume. The Natufia Kitchen Garden has a specific ceramic pot system that allows space for the roots.

In an urban polluted environment, the Natufia Kitchen Garden is actually the cheapest alternative today to have an organic garden at home with a clear value proposition:

  • Designed by Chefs for Chefs
  • No more seasons
  • No pesticides, no GMOs
  • Unlimited choice as long as it grows above earth
  • Optimized growth combination: you can grow 32 different plants at the same time
  • Effortless gardening
  • Plug & play installation & tutorial with remote control of main functions
  • Attractive, intelligent and original high-end design with customization possibilities
Natufia Labs

Värvi 5, Unit C 216, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia


Lauri Poldre, Marketing Manager
+372 5878 9165