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Founded in 2014, Lactips is a innovative company. It manufactures and sells internationally the only plastic 100% biosourced and biodegradable based on a natural polymer, the casein (milk protein). The material has the properties of specialised plastics (gas barrier, water soluble, customizable and… edible). Its disruptive technology represents a real opportunity to replace non-biodegradable flexible packaging for food (premix, preparations, packaging for cereals…) and to develop new markets.

The evolution of the regulations and the demand of the consumers for eco-friendly products encouraging Industrials to turn to more efficient alternatives to handle the end of life of plastics materials and improve the recyclability.

The unique disruptive technology of Lactips is patented. It meets the future regulations of each country and represents an efficient alternative to plastic materials more respectful of the environment. Thanks to its properties of specifical thermoplastic, (water solubility,  gas barrier, customizable) it allows to improve the quality and the recyclability of multilayer materials. The technology is adapted to the processes of the plastic industry and can be available around the world thanks to our distribution partners (Europe, Japan,…).


Parc Métrotech, Bâtiment 6, 42650 Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds, France


Pascal Chabance, Head of sales and development