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FruitsApp is a B2B marketplace for fresh products with integrated global logistics, using algorithms to match demand and supply and forecasting price fluctuations. shortening and digitizing the food supply chain base through connecting farmers directly with retailers and consumers.  

The lowest steps of the chain in fresh produce industry suffer the unfair results of the intermediaries, being them who get the more benefits on this business.

Thanks to our algorithms, we connect companies of this sector based on complementary needs, in real time and globally, providing the best match for their interests, aiming to protect the selling side giving them options to increase their benefits. All trading process is integrated online: negotiations, logistics and risk insurance. We also provide forecasting of price fluctuations to help those companies to optimize their trading decisions.  

We help the companies of Fresh Produce industry to find the best option for their business, in real time and globally.


Via Ludovico Di Savoia 2B, 00185, Rome, Italy


Carlos Iborra, CEO
+34 656 726 918