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Foodpairing   is   a   business   intelligence   company   offering personalisation & predictive NPD for food and beverage  companies.  Through  deep  understanding  of  consumer  flavour  preferences;  Foodpairing  has  become the leader in the area of personalised dietary recommendations.  The  consumer-  and  product  data  serves as input for an AI platform for flavour and food product development. The platform helps companies to predict the most successful product compositions to increase sales.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Consumer  Flavor  Intelligence  (CFI®)  is  a  web  of  machine  learning  algorithms  and  millions  of  data  points   that   demonstrate   network   effects   and   predictive power to increase the success rate of new product launches
  • FlavorID® captures consumer flavour preferences and is the basis of the for personalised dietary recommendation
  • Digitisation   of   flavour   (ingredient   and   product   level)
  • Recipe optimisation & product recommendation

MeetDistrict Ghent, Ghelamco Arena Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 808 B box 107, Ghent, Belgium


Johan Langenbick, Founder & CEO
+32 479 63 98 66

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