Foodpairing is the leading business intelligence company for predictable product success. Foodpairing is the most accurate artificial intelligence platform for personalized food & beverage recommendations. Foodpairing is the world’s largest creative chef community inspiring chefs to create new sustainable recipes through science-based unique food data.

Competences & Capabilities

The key competences of Foodpairing are:

  • Consumer Flavor Intelligence (CFI) is a web of machine learning algorithms and millions of data points that demonstrate network effects and predictive power to increase the success rate of new product launches.
  • Powered by Foodpairing is a series of customized algorithms available through an API that enable personalized food recommendations for e-commerce, smart kitchen and mHealth.
  • Foodpairing Inspire® helps chefs to discover new flavor combinations in seconds.

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Johan Langenbick
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Launching a new sustainable product doesn’t necessarily create new consumer eating habits