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Computomics GmbH
Computomics GmbH


Computomics has developed unique computational machine learning technologies as part of our xSeedScore® product, which allows companies to optimize traits like yield, flavor, texture, shelf life, etc and provides the ability to improve crops and provide supply chain continuity as crops can be adapted for multiple countries and (future) climates. We are offering this solution worldwide and focus our go-to-market activities on Europe, North America, Brazil and Argentina.

Competences & Capabilities

  • experts in bioinformatics and machine learning
  • innovative and disruptive machine learning technology for breeding and food industry
  • deliver most accurate performance predictions for crops
  • optimize food crops for traits like yield, falvor, texture and many more
  • optimize crops for any country or (future) climate
Computomics GmbH

Eisenbahnstr.1 Tübingen, 72072 Germany


Simone Betz