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Boreal Light
Boreal Light


Boreal Light GmbH designs and manufactures simple &  affordable  solar  water  desalination  systems  for  off-grid   communities   around   the   globe.   Drinking,   irrigation,   fish   farm   and   sanitation   water   are   all   coming   simultaneously   from   one   single   machine.   Powered  fully  by  solar,  simplicity  of  the  design  and  affordability of the cost of the systems manufactured by Boreal Light are the three great competences the company is proud of.

Competences & Capabilities

  • Super low operational costs
  • Easy maintenance, one wrench, one screw driver 80% of maintenance done!
  • Detailed remote monitoring
  • Running  100%  of  solar,  no  battery,  no  diesel,  no  grid
  • Customised      for      farmer      communities      to      deliver  drinking,  irrigation  and  fish  farm  water  simultaneously
Boreal Light

Schichauweg 52 Hall C1.1, 12307 Berlin, Germany


Hamed Beheshti, CEO/Co-Founder