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Biotrem is a Polish technology company developing an innovative production process of bio-based tableware and packaging. The patented technology allows the company to manufacture a biodegradable disposable tableware from sustainable organic raw materials, such as wheat bran, corn bran, cassava by-products, seaweed, algae, and also from bio-based polymers.

With over 6 million Euro spent on R&D to date, the company is continuously working on new innovations in terms of products, raw materials and the production process itself.

With own production facility and state-of-the-art machine park (developed internally and patent-protected), Biotrem delivers its products to mass-market clients including selected restaurant chains and premium retailers, either directly or through independent distributors.


Aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha 16/52, 00-582 Warsaw, Poland


Patrycja Wysocka, Business Development Manager
+48 533 606 472