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We are bringing a new scientific approach. Our patented technology requires less than 1% of the fresh water, and 1% of the land footprint and is carbon negative. We have tailored our novel indoor, controlled, optimized, scalable & sustainable process to the unique Icelandic Ecosystem. Strategically located at one of the world’s largest geothermal power plants in Iceland, our process is completely environmentally responsible. We leverage the waste heat, natural CO2 emissions, pristine water and 100% green energy supply to turn “Waste to Value” - consistently and cost-effectively producing the best-in-class natural strains of Ultra High Omega 3 algae.

Competences & Capabilities

We are constantly improving the growth and performance of each strain using machine learning and data analytics techniques. In our first market, Aquaculture, by bringing consistent quality year-round of microalgae products, we enable marine hatcheries to optimize their fish and larval survival and growth rates at a fraction of current prices. Our process improves the Omega 3 content by 5X and reduces its production cost by 10X. We have tailored our novel indoor, controlled and scalable process to the unique Icelandic Ecosystem. By integrating the operations with a Geothermal Power Plant, we utilize the sustainably produced power and waste streams to decouple our process from sunlight. As a result, we have cost-effectively eliminated all variation in consistency and quality that have been prevalent in phototrophic microalgae production to date.


Z.H.R Industrial Zone, Rosh Pina, Israel 120000


Ohad Bashan (CEO)
972 542278149