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Alberts is a Belgian startup founded in 2015 by three young entrepreneurs. While traveling in New York, they were looking for a healthy snack. They walked into a smoothie bar and saw that even this snack is not as healthy is it is made out to be. That is why they applied their own technological background as engineers to come up with a solution: the Alberts Smoothie Station. This smoothie vending machine prepares a personalized health boost in under 90 seconds, aiming to make health accessible to everyone, everywhere. The smoothies are healthy. They are 100% natural and fresh, consisting of nothing more than filtered water and frozen fruit and vegetables to ensure optimal retention of the ingredients’ nutritional value. Alberts revolutionizes the snacking behavior in the workplace by offering an affordable and healthy alternative.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialization and technological expertise are:

  • Food and health;
  • Robotized Food Tech;
  • Personalized food solution;
  • Digital consumer-oriented solutions;
  • Internet of Things IoT;
  • Decentralized food processing;
  • Efficient and sustainable processes;
  • Limit food waste.

Bijkhoevelaan 32c, 2110 Wijnegem (Belgium)


Philippe Hennin
+32 494 61 58 30