The Italian Breeders’ Association (AIA) was founded in Rome on 20 August 1944 to revitalize national livestock breeding programs devastated by World War II. Our mission is in article 3 of our Statute: “The association is of a technical and economic nature. Its aim is to promote initiatives which can usefully contribute to a rapid improvement in livestock, enhancing value and the value of products”.

The initial structure has now grown and has branches all over Italy, supporting all sectors of livestock breeding and offering a wide range of technical services to boost competitiveness and sustainability fo



Via Tomassetti 9, 00161 Rome, Italy

CLC: South

Country: Italy


Riccardo Negrini

Partner in the following EIT Food projects


Focus on Farmers

Agricultural technologies and innovations offer significant opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of farm businesses, through optimised yields, reduced environmental impact and increased profitability


Farm to Fork: Sustainable Food Production in a Changing Environment

Understand how food goes from farm to fork: explore food security, supply chains, food production and agriculture


INNOPOULTRY. The poultry food chain: tackling old problems with innovative approaches

The aim of this project is to test and to promote solutions for the poultry industry in Italy, Poland and Spain in the area of safety risks for public health


Farm to Fork: Sustainable food production in a changing environment

Global food supply chains are increasingly encountering considerable problems impacting on safety and sustainability affecting the food industry and reducing consumer trust

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