AI Talentum is an innovative technology-based company specialized in artificial intelligence, machine learning and high performance computing, with a set of algorithms capable of providing predictive insights in a wide range of fields. Our team data scientists and computer experts get the most of your data to improve and accelerate your decision making processes.


We are interested in projects with big amounts of data that need to deal with the information to make decisions. Our predictive algorithms detect underlying patterns from consumer behavior, forecast demand, prices, energy consumption… and give us the support needed in the decision making process. We are working in the ‘smartisation’ of industrial processes in the canned food industry, analysing machine data, quality control and production performance.

Competences & Capabilities

We develop predictive models using techniques of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our expertise and technology is focused on the development of simulation, forecasting and decision models in real time, through expert systems, algorithm development and the processing of internal and external data.

Main areas of expertise and technology are:

  • Data Intelligence & IoT;
  • Evolutive prediction of raw materials prices;
  • Consumption and price forecast of electricity and related variables;
  • Biotechnology. Advanced computational drug discovery technologies;
  • Industry 4.0. Predictive quality control. Analysis of machine data in real time;
  • Web services development.

Universidad de Murcia, 30100 Espinardo (Murcia), Spain


Antonio Vicente Contreras
+34 609 854 199

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