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AgroPlatforma is a B2B marketplace to connect grain growers, grain buyers and the stock market to close deals online in Baltic's and Europe.

Establishing a grain deal creates a lot of problems for farmers and grain buyers. The process is elaborate and time consuming, requiring a lot of personal phone calls & stock market follow up to get the right price and quality offer for one deal. Both parts are losing 5 EUR per each sold or bought grain only because of wrong dealing.

With AgroPlatforma both dealing parts can choose the right deal and bid price, sign a contract with a digital signature, fix future prices and get the best price performance with just with three clicks. Additionally, AgroPlatforma provides market players with information about the industry and both parts can make their own settings for stock market changes and receive notifications about them.

AgroPlatforma properly connects the three most important parts in the market – FARMERS, GRAIN BUYERS, and STOCKMARKET. Both market players can deal online and trade more effective – publish offer, bid prices, sign contracts online and fix grain price with the stock market connection.


Elijas street 17, Riga, Latvia


Gatis Berzins – CEO, business developing, sales, marketing