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AgroPlatforma  is  B2B  marketplace  which  properly  connects farmers, grain buyers and commodity stock exchange. In AgroPlatforma, both market players can deal online and trade 10 times more effective; publish offers,  bid  prices,  sign  contracts  online  and  fix  grain  price  with  stock  market  connection.  Starting  from  2019  customers  can  read  the  latest  grain  industry  news  and  set  own  notifications  on  price  changes  in  the market.

Competences & Capabilities

AgroPlatforma  founder  Gatis  is  a  farmer  with  15  years  of  experience  in  the  grain  industry.  Gatis  was  involved  in  grain  buying  and  selling  processes  where  he  recognised  all  problems,  which  are  being  solved  by  AgroPlatforma.  Co-founder  Juris  has  15  years  of  experience in the banking sector.

We    connected    our    15    years    of    experience    in    agriculture, finance and technology to create the first independent digital agriculturural marketplace.


Elijas street 17, Riga, Latvia


Gatis Berzins, CEO