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Acoustic Extra Freezing
Acoustic Extra Freezing


AEF technology controls the growth of ice crystals by acoustic waves. The transducers and electronics to generate the waves are installed into industrial freezing chambers, tunnel and spiral tunnels. AEF is the only ‘digital’ freezing technology using unique freezing algorithms for each type of food. Value proposition: 2x shelf life of frozen food, +50% saving on weight, revenue growth. AEF Equipment has been sold in 25 countries.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialization and technological expertise are: 

  • Research and development in freezing technology
  • Engeneering and contact manufacturing
  • High quality of AEF Frozen food: no loss of mass, long shelf life
  • Preservation of taste, texture, nutritional value and colour of frozen food
Acoustic Extra Freezing

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Andrey Pechurin