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Stem    is    a    food    ingredients    company    making    new   types   of   natural,   plant-based   ingredients   to   replace  cane  sugar.  These  ingredients  provide  the  various  functions  of  sugar  in  solid  food  products  (structure,   texture,   Maillard   browning,   etc.)   with   various   applications   in   bakery   and   confectionery   products. Stem’s proprietary technology means these ingredients are uniquely forecast to meet cost parity with sugar at scale.

Competences & Capabilities

Main areas of specialisation and technological expertise are:

  • Functional sugar reduction in solid foods
  • Food ingredient manufacturing
  • Process engineering
  • Sugar biochemistry

Hopkins Building, Downing Site, Cambridge, CB2 1QW


Ruben Tadmor, Head of Business Development
+44 (0)1223-451380

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PERFECT - Plant Extract for Reduced-sugar Foods, including Extruded Cereals, bars & biscuits, using innovative processing Technologies

Excessive sugar consumption is a contributing factor for a variety of non-communicable diseases (e