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3F  BIO  is  a  biotechnology  company  that  addresses  the  global  need  for  sustainable  high-quality  food  protein. We use the benefits of a patented zero waste process to produce ABUNDA® mycoprotein using the natural process of fermentation.

3F   BIO’s   business   model   is   to   supply   ABUNDA®   mycoprotein  as  a  high-scale  B2B  ingredient.    We  are  keen  to  collaborate  with  partners  who  share  our  interest  and  passion  to  provide  a  sustainable  food  protein solution.

Competences & Capabilities

3F  BIO’s  purpose  is  to  tackle  the  combined  issues  of   feeding   a   growing   global   population   &   the   unsustainable  impact  of  traditional  protein  farming  from  livestock.  We  produce  high-quality  food  grade  protein (ABUNDA®) from alternative sources that are environmentally & economically sustainable.

Competences & capabilities include:

  • Biotechnology & Fermentation
  • Process Integration
  • Product Development
  • Quality & Food Safety
  • Collaboration & Open Innovation

100 West George Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Andrew Beasley, Commercial Director
+44 741 932 6665

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Context Due to the world’s increasing population and the growing awareness of the food chain’s environmental impact, developing new food ingredients from alternative sources has emerged as a critical global challenge