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30MHz builds both hardware and software with and for the agriculture industry. We believe that with technology and data, organizations of any size can innovate to become more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective.

Data collection and analysis in agriculture has until now been expensive, manual and time consuming, as well as fragmented and localized. To become more efficient and sustainable the sector needs data and knowledge to be accurate, affordable, transferrable and simple to analyse and apply. 

30MHz offers a central portal for all stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Growers and breeders gain full insight into the climatic conditions of horticultural and agricultural produce. 30MHz’s platform ZENSIE ingests all kinds of data sources and analyses information interactively, enabling growers, advisers, distributors, and researchers to continuously improve the production process of crops, plants, seeds, and bulbs.

Sharing an applying data-based knowledge will become the standard for next-generation agricultural entrepreneurs. Our aim is to connect every single stakeholder and facilitate their journey towards a more sustainable way of generating produce in the best possible data-driven way through a platform that has an unmatched capacity and flexibility.


Naritaweg 70, 1043 BZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Nathan Griffiths, CFO
+31 (0)6 8363 5456