Start-up Club
The RisingFoodStars

The RisingFoodStars Association, our start-up club of outstanding agri-food tech start-ups.

The RisingFoodStars is an association and serves as an umbrella organisation for up to 50 relevant high potential start-ups, and is the 50th core member of EIT Food.

The RisingFoodStars is a unique innovation vehicle that offers outstanding start-ups access to new knowledge, networks and the opportunity to actively engage in EIT Food’s activities and help realise its goals. From over 20 countries, they are being handpicked through a highly competitive and rigorous search and evaluation process. The complementary competences of start-ups lined up along the food supply chain bring unprecedented value to the partnership in termsof cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models but also in terms of diversity of innovation culture and entrepreneurial mindset. The start-ups are benefitting from the access to the EIT Food partners, their expert network, programmes, technological infrastructure, business creation support, as well as potential customers and distribution channels, which will significantly accelerate their growth.

The RisingFoodStars Start-up Club brings together the triangle Research – Enterprise– Entrepreneur to advance the concept of Food4Future faster, more innovative, and more thoroughly, and will thereby set new standards. It gives selected start-ups the opportunity to participate in the EIT Food’s funding for innovation investments, to network with EIT

Food’s members, and to co-drive the agenda. The RisingFoodStars Start-up Club rises tothe economic and societal challenges of the food supply chain by promoting pan-Europeanresearch projects, innovation and technology, and by developing networks in the agri-food industry between the club members and the members of EIT Food.

Added Value for start-ups

The purpose is achieved through the following services:

The association

  • fosters networking between its members and with the members of EIT Food
  • assists its members generate innovation projects in general and in cooperation with the members of EIT Food specially
  • encourages its members to perform bi- or multilateral projects with other members and/or with members of EIT Food
  • actively supports its members in technological, technical, marketing and business issues
  • wants to be a valuable source of information and expertise regarding state of the art technology in the field, and to facilitate access to laboratories and equipment at research institutions to develop products or technologies
  • maintains close contacts with international research programs and innovation funding organisations on behalf of its members
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