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EIT Food Hubs

EIT Food Hubs

Selected through an open call, EIT Food HUBs are our regional ‘contact points’ in EIT RIS countries. These organisations are key players in their national innovation eco-systems and gather strong regional outreach and experience in supporting entrepreneurs and organising local events.

There is currently a network of 15 EIT Food HUBs located in 15 targeted RIS countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey.

Bulgaria: Institute for Agrostrategies and Innovations, Sofia

The Institute for Аgrostrategies and Innovations (IAI) is a public benefit non-governmental non-for-profit organization aimed at keeping track of new developments, analyzing trends and offering solutions to problems in the field of agriculture, food and rural areas. IAI is raising awareness and educating different stakeholders, including startups, in a new model of agribusiness development, based on knowledge transfer and innovations. The Institute is working on establishing an ecosystem of stakeholders in the agri-food sector and to unite them in searching and using new technologies and innovative instruments in order to facilitate their work and production processes and become more competitive, always relying on  preserving natural resources, protecting consumer’s health, ensuring traceability of production and minimizing food waste.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Bulgaria at:


Croatia: Tera Tehnopolis Ltd, Osijek

TERA TEHNOPOLIS Ltd. is one of the leading regional technology transfer hubs in Croatia, with strong emphasis on agriculture and food. It has a considerable portfolio of services, know-how (including patents, trademarks etc.) and an extensive network of relevant stakeholders which enables it to support knowledge-based entrepreneurs in the field of agriculture and food technology.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Croatia at:


Czech Republic: University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is where EIT Food Hub’s activities are performed. It ranks among leading university centres of food science and embraces both traditional food science fields as well as current trends in the development of food and biochemical sciences, food analysis and nutrition, including several ISO 17025 accredited laboratories dealing with food quality, safety and authenticity assessment.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in the Czech Republic at:


Estonia: BioCC LLC, Tartu

BioCC is a privately owned R&D company, established by food and feed producers and universities to bridge the gap between scientific and economic innovation by providing a collective environment for academics, industry and other innovation actors and creating sufficient critical mass. BioCC carries out internationally recognized R&D to create, develop and implement innovative biotechnological solutions for feed and foodstuff.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Estonia at:


Greece: Industry Disruptors – Game Changers, Athens

Industry Disruptors Game Changers is an independent non-profit organization established with the vision to create an extrovert ecosystem that fosters innovative entrepreneurship on a global scale. We deliver this through initiatives that empower mission driven innovators to create scalable companies & bring them in effective partnership with investors, industry leaders & key stakeholders creating an impactful ecosystem. Since 2012 IDGC have achieved organic growth to over 64 countries across 5 continents.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Greece at::


Hungary: Campden BRI Hungary Ltd, Budapest

Campden BRI Hungary is an independent R&D centre that has skills and experience on knowledge transfer, training, networking, fostering innovation on FSCM, transparency and food safety risk assessment, application of transdisciplinary knowledge and solutions from ICT and advanced manufacturing sectors for solving technological problems in the food industry by using their enabling functions. This is supported by practical experience in food and process development, legal, consumer and sensory research.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Hungary at:


Italy: University of Bari Aldo Moro, Bari

The University of Bari Aldo Moro, founded in 1925, is attended by about 60,000 students, across Apulia cities. Its Departments deal with all fields of research and participate in numerous cooperation projects. As EIT Food Hub it will contribute in increasing the competitiveness of the food system, from primary production to food manufacturing through the innovation and improvement of the scientific research, the collaboration between research entities, enterprises, and government bodies.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Italy at:


Latvia: Riga Technical University (RTU)

RTU is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country – it educates and trains almost 15 thousand students. RTU is focused on becoming a third generation university that not only provides high quality education, but also conducts advanced research and ensures innovation and technology transfer, practically implementing scientific discoveries. RTU is constantly developing its infrastructure by constructing a campus on Ķīpsala Island. On completion, the campus will be the most advanced engineering study centre in the Baltic Region.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Latvia at: 


Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies, closely cooperating with business and implementing research and development projects. Food Institute and the Department of Food Science and Technology of KTU plays a crucial role in the context of food science in Lithuania. In 2012 KTU opened the first academic start-up incubator, where more than 70 startups were launched. 

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Lithuania at: or at contact person


Poland: EIT Food CLC North-East, Warsaw

In Poland the role of EIT Food Hub is within the competences of EIT Food local office: EIT Food CLC North-East (CLC stands for “co-location centre”).

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Poland at:


Portugal: Building Global Innovators, Lisbon

Building Global Innovators (BGI) is an American style, world-class deep tech startups accelerator, based in Lisbon (Portugal), with operations in Cambridge, MA (USA). BGI was launched in 2010 as an integrant part of the MIT Portugal Program and  spun-off in 2013. Since then, it has built an important network with the Boston ecosystem. BGI backed ventures have raised to that over 160M€, created close to 1 000 high tech jobs and a number of disruptive products. In Portugal, BGI represents EIT Digital since 2015, EIT Climate KIC since 2016 and EIT Food since 2018.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Portugal at:


Romania: SATEAN Foundation, Braila

Satean is a not for profit organization that operates as a Regional Development Agency and as a Vocational Educational Training. It is a training provider authorized and recognised by the Romanian Employment Ministry (Agency CNFPA). It has an extensive and long-lasting experience in the management of EU funds. In its activities it creates an important bridge between academic/educational world and labour market. Satean is located in Braila and operates in the whole Romanian territory.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Romania at:


Serbia: SEE ICT (Startit), Belgrade

Startit is building the Serbian tech and startup community by leveraging its dominant tech media outlet with up to 100.000 readers every month, the biggest nation-wide network of tech community spaces which garner 25.000 visits to 500 events per year and longest-running startup accelerator which was the first European partner in Google’s new global acceleration program.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Serbia at:


Slovak Republic: Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is the only agricultural university in Slovak Republic. One of the main research focuses of the university is the food sector. With its national scope, the university brings the education, research and development and the transfer into practise together. The relevant internal infrastructure of the university for "agricultural product - food system" prioritly includes the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences and the AgroBioTech Research Center with Transfer Centre. The university created National Platform AgroBioFood Nitra to present Slovak Republic in the field of foodstuffs and biotechnology as the national node.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Slovak Republic:


Slovenia: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia / Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS-CAFE), Ljubljana

CCIS-CAFE is the biggest organization representing the interest of around 190 agricultural and food companies, registered in Slovenia. In order to reach its goals it works closely with the Slovenian governmental and non-governmental institutions/organisations, as well as the equivalent EU associations. Due to its close collaboration with the food industry it acts as a multiple purpose adviser for its members.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Slovenia at: or


Spain: EIT Food CLC South, Bilbao and Madrid

In Spain the role of EIT Food Hub is within the competences of EIT Food local office: EIT Food CLC South (CLC stands for “co-location centre”).

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Spain at:


Turkey: Impact Hub Istanbul & FoodBack, Istambul

Impact Hub Istanbul is an innovation lab and co-creation venue that unites and empowers impact-driven individuals while pioneering social innovation in Turkey. Impact Hub Istanbul community enjoys a unique ecosystem of resources, content, inspiration and global collaboration opportunities to grow their businesses and enhance their impact on society at large. An Impact Hub Istanbul initiative, FoodBack aims to support food and agriculture entrepreneurs in Turkey. Founded in 2018, FoodBack designs content and programs to strengthen food entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey while building an expert network to foster know-how exchange within the industry.

You can contact EIT Food Hub in Turkey at: