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Following teams are the part of Test Farms programme cohort in 2022:

Biouhel MicroChar (Czech Republic) - The startup produces biochar according to their own solutions in the context of on-farm circular economy. They are the first company in the development of biochar applications in Central Europe.

Flocklock (Czech Republic) - Small wearable device device similar to ear tags commonly used on livestock. The product features geolocation, so that the farmer is notified in case of animal is out of the field. It also monitor and classify the movement of the animal. Data is analyzed in order to look for abnormalities, like low activity or not enough rumination, which usually imply a health issue with the animal. In that case the farmer is notified.

Nanobubbles (Hungary) - fertigation technology based on oxygen nannobubbles, to solve all the problems with the conventional irrigation technologies like water wasting, anaerobic conditions at the root zone, scalling and biofilm fouling of the irrigation network.

SMAPP LAB (Hungary) - ambition of empowering agricultural business of any size to mitigate the exposure to xrop production to pest pressure. Multi-sesnory and self-cleaning pest insect traps forming a system of early detection survillance that allows farmers to take better care of their crops.

Spacecrop Technologies (Hungary) - SpaceCrop AI Decision Support Tool comes with a dashboard and a mobile application to help farmers track their water use and increase crop resiliency.

Fóliavezérlés (Hungary) - Innovative agricultural startup located in Hungary.Their main goal is to satisfy greenhouse growers' need with low tech solutions that can control ventilation, irrigation and other relevant processes with their state of the art digital infrastructure.

Fermata (Cyprus) - Combining industry-leading artificial intelligence with off-the-shelf digital camera technology, Fermata has created a robust yet affordable platform designed to detect pests and disease significantly earlier than human scouts.

Agrobit (Italy) - DSS app for pesticide and Remote Sensing technologies for precision farming. They develop computational algorithms to analyze proximal-/remotely- sensed data from smartphones and satellites/drones, enabling the possibility to forecast yields, detect diseases, count plants, measure canopy density for proper pesticide treatment dosing and many more features.

Enismaro (Italy) - Enismaro offers an end-to-end solution able to track and trace the food production process and to enforce transparency by disclosing information about the products to the parties of the chain and to the end consumers.

Regrowth (Italy) - We develop precision livestock farming technology based on IoT animal behavior analysis. Designed for small farmers around the world, it facilitates the application of regenerative farming methods and sustainable farming practices.

MyPots (Latvia) - sustainable alternative to those farmers that are interested in use of biodegradable plant pots and willing to produce less waste. The pots are made of fungal biocomposite material that is reusable and do not damage plant roots since the seedling can be replanted directly with the pot.

Agrocarbon (Poland) - solution based on use of high quality biochar as mean to enrich the soil. It is a product of pylorysis of plant material to elemental carbon. The result of this process is a material that has many beneficial properties that can be used in many different sectors of the economy, especially agriculture.

FlyAgData (Poland) - solution that decreases costs of agri-production and increases farms' profitability by collecting agronomical and machinery data online from machinery, tranforming it into valuable analytics for farmers.

Intelligent Hives (Poland) - 24/7 hive monitoring visualizes the parameters in the hive, such as: temperature, humidity, weight, sound frequency, location etc. In addition, the application facilitates the detection of diseases, swarms, hive inspections, task planning, as well as keeping notes on bee colonies.

Nangatech (Poland) - Nanotechnology based on gases which condensate the oxygen from the air and disperse it into the water the crops are irrigated with. Thanks to this solution, radically more oxygenis delivered to plants' root system, which fosters its development and strenght.

ORIENTAGRO (Poland) - main product consists of hardware composed of gas sensors capable of identifying all molecules related to climate change and global warming. The analysis is done througha proprietary artificial intelligence ofthe startup that returns the concentrations emitted.

Power Cob (Poland) - innovative system of combined technologies for the extraction and processing of agricultural production residues - corn cob cores. Many years of experience and unique technology enable us to use waste from corn production as a high-energy source of energy. The power production line offered by PowerCob is fully in line with RES, and most importantly, energy production is carried out continuously and uninterrupted.

Ribes Technologies (Poland) - solution that brings automation to berry plantations and limit use of chemicals through the means of technology. Main product identifies diseases and pests on fruit bush plantations on the fly thanks to Disease Recognition Module which is attached to tractor.

Viridius Technology (Portugal) - autonomous harvesting of fresh raspberry while acquiring data and converting it into information to feed to farmers and the supply chain. Systems resource to AI, Robotics and Machine Learning for the autonomous harvest of fresh raspberries implementing a precision farming technology that uses less human resources.

Bitgear (Serbia) - they are specialists in sensor technology and applications of IoT in industry digitalization. Bitgear delivers custom and standard, yet complete, electronics, software and algorithmic solutions, as well as systems components and intellectual property.

Rodinna Firma (Slovakia) - solution to protect plants from diseases and help them grow in natural way. Sprayed on leaves, helps plants to recover from disease. In case of adding to soil, solution helps even population in the ground by decontamination of soil from polutants.

Vitiport (Slovakia) - Vitiport brings 2 globally unique innovations for growers: - spraying at precise, correct time with Vitiport mobile app with zero-toxicity anti-oviposition pheromones that prevent pests from laying eggs on fruit and are non-toxic, zero-residue, pose no health risk to farmers, public or environment (globally unique product, different from sexual pheromones).

Ediris (Slovakia) - They set new standard in optimising nutrition of farm animals. They leverage relationship between gases produced by animals, nutrition given to the animals, and milk production. Ediris streamline the process of nutrition optimisation by taking the information from gases and applying our proprietary machine learning mechanism to come up with a full recipe to optimize nutrition.

Termodron (Slovenia) - Their software currently involves four key processes: 1) in-field, non-invasive crop inspection with drone-mounted hyperspectral sensors to a depth of 30cm below ground; 2) data processing to establish plant condition; 3) growth predictions and the generation of precise fertiliser application maps to achieve optimum growth and 4) upload of maps to farm machinery for automated fertiliser application.

Graniot (Spain) - Graniot is a web application for agronomist engineers. It lets them to monitor and control the crops of their customers thanks to the processing of satellite imagery, as well as having a direct communication channel with the farmers.

Sonicat Systems (Spain) - is a deep tech company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative technological solutions for the food industry. Honey.AI is the cloud platform based on low-cost optical microscopy and Artificial Intelligence that can analyze not only the pollen content of a honey sample but also its crystallization ratio, and yeast concentration.

Azolla (Spain) - Thanks to this technology, CO2 captured in the soil is measured and quantified through remote sensing technology, they generate carbon credits of economic value for farmers and facilitate their sale to companies seeking emission neutrality, making a certified, traceable and proximity social and environmental impact.

Soy Tarım Teknolojileri (Turkey) - They developed Soyl-Gel, a superabsorbent biodegradable polymer nanocomposite. When its surrounding is dry, it releases the absorbed water. Hence, Soyl-Gel retains water near plant roots; minimizes irrigation, and allows for agriculture in arid regions, where most of the rain and irrigation water absorbed by the soil evaporates readily.

Nanomik (Turkey) - Nanomik harnesses the power of nature. Our unique and patented biomimicry technologies allow us, to formulate natural solutions, as cost and bio-effective as synthetic chemicals.

WiCow (Turkey) - WiCow enlightens the blindspots at critical periods of lactation which are dry, prepartum, and postpartum periods.Tsens collects data through its activity and temperature sensors. The collected data is processed through AI and creates smart alerts for the farmers.