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Following teams are currently testing their solutions with farmers around Europe:

Ullmanna (Czech Republic) - Weeding Organic Robotic Machine (W.O.R.M) equipped with software and AI which can recognize weeds from root crops. Solution tested with farmers from Polish Association of Beetroot Producers. Contributes to lower use of pesticides and lower cost of labour.

Bisari Agroinnovation (Spain): Electrostatic technology enabling assisted pollination of susceptible crops. Increases fruit set rate and therefore higher yields. Tested with Spanish almond tree growers.

Ekolive (Slovenia) - organic fertilizer produced as a result of bioleaching process, contributing to increasing health and fertility of the soil, crop growth and yield. Tested with farmers in Portugal.

Terrabio (Poland): The first mobile genetic analyser on the agri-food market which can identify up to 16 pathogens in single reaction in any environmental sample e.g., soil, water, plants. Contributes to detection and elimination of contaminated produce and pesticide use reduction. Tested with Bulgarian wheat farmers.

Episome Biotechnologies (Turkey) - Bio-organomineral fertilizer that supports and protects crop plants in a variety of ways: protection against pathogenic diseases, enhancing growth of root system, enhancing flowering, increasing overall yield (up to 20%), improving nutrient uptake from soil and enhancing soils physical and chemical properties. Tested with cereal farmers in Bulgaria.

BeeSage (Latvia) - beehive monitoring systems based on IoT , which provides new insights to the beekeepers, optimizes their workflow, and allows them to make informed decisions. Solution contributes to wellbeing of bees and increased beekeepers’ profit by boosting productivity and decrease bee mortality. Tested with beekeepers in Bulgaria.

Sponsh (Portugal) - Water producing tree guard absorbing water from air every night and autonomously releases water to roots of the seedling, contributing to higher survival rate of seedlings, lowering water usage and costs. Tested with orchard farmers in Portugal.

Ficosterra (Spain) - Biofertilisers and biostimulants that regenerate the soil, stimulate crops, improve productivity, and increase the resistance of plants to environmental stress. Tested with farmers in Portugal.

Bio2Coat (Spain) - Water-based natural edible coating in a form of an invisible semi-permeable barrier on the fruit, which reduces the respiratory rate and the water evaporation and protects against microorganisms. Reduces losses during transport, storage and improves the visual aspect, prevents fungi development and does not alter the nutrients. Tested with strawberry farmer in Spain.

LumiSep (Poland)- new and fast portable method for toxins analysis. First focus is on aflatoxins in cereals and PAHs in edible oils. Contributes to increased food safety and traceability. Tested in Bulgaria with cereal farmers.

Solar Fertigation (Italy)- Automatic fertilization and irrigation system with integrated IoT technology and stand-alone photovoltaic system. Resulting in increased agricultural productivity andlLand recovery for food production. Tested with farmers in Spain. (Portugal) - Organic solution on crop fertility, which generates savings on irrigation and fertilization. Agrochar (product) traps carbon into soil and increases nutrient and water retention in soil. Tested with farmers in Spain.

BrioAgro (Spain) - smart irrigation system, providing water just when the crop needs it. Monitoring with sensors, plus microclimate and satellite tracking to help in agronomic decision making. Tested with tomato and olive farmers in Spain.

SmartBerries (Poland) - Fast, easy and mobile paper test for polyphenol (antioxidants) content in fruits and fruit products, increasing the produce value for the farmer and showing its health benefits. Tested with strawberry farmer in Spain.

Evja (Italy) - Intelligent decision support system based on sensors, predictive agronomic models and AI. Helps growers make the best decisions, improving agrichemicals and irrigation management and allowing them to get a healthier and more abundant yield with the highest sustainability. Tested with farmers in Spain.

South Agro (Italy) - Biostimulant made from seaweeds extracts that increases the quantity of yields and the quality of crops and reducing the need for use of chemical fertilisers. Tested with farmers in Portugal.