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Supernovas | Women2Invest

We aim to help women with STEAM University studies start their careers in venture investment by training them in the fundamentals of this profession and matching them with investors (venture capital, corporate venture capital or corporate venturing units) for an internship opportunity.

Women to Invest in a nutshell

Women2Invest is an access and training activity aimed at:

  1. Helping women start their careers in venture investment
  2. Giving investors access to a pool of promising women that will add diversity to their investment teams.
  • Identification and selection of a pool of participants with STEAM degrees and no previous investment education or experience
  • Training: fundamentals of investment through a combination of masterclasses by top-notch practitioners, simulation of investment processes and role play. Powered by Diversity VC Iberia.
  • Mentoring and networking with seasoned investment professionals
  • Investment experience: a paid investment internship or job with a Venture Capital fund, Corporate Venture Capital fund or Corporate Venturing unit.

Collaborating funds

Some of the funds collaborating with Women2Invest in 2022

Which type of investors are we looking for?

Venture Capital funds, Corporate Venture Capital funds and Corporate Venturing units:

  • Seeking new hires and committed to improve the gender-balance of their investment teams.
  • Offering paid internships in investment related positions for at least 2 months (as long as funds identify suitable candidates within the pool).
  • Committing to pay at least the minimum wage of their country.
  • Agreeing to allow candidates to combine training and internship (if coinciding).

Investors, are you interested in the 2022 or future editions? Please register here

Project lead

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Amparo de San José EIT Food South

Entrepreneurship Programme Manager

Ana Alcaine
Ana Alcaine

Entrepreneurship Project Manager