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Supernovas | Women Investment Network

Matching female-led startups ups and gender conscious investors. Are you ready to shape the (future) investment industry?

SUPERNOVAS Women Investors Community (WIN) is the place where female investors (both in venture capital and business angels) meet to learn and grow professionally, access investment opportunities in female-led startups and expand their network with the support of the EIT, the largest innovation ecosystem in Europe.

  • If you are a female professional in Venture Capital check our VC Academy and our investment forums.
  • If you are a female business angel (or would like to be) check our Business Angel Academy and our investment forums.
  • If you work for a female-founded or female-led startup, check our investment forums.

WIN in a nutshell

Supernovas WIN helps female investors access and grow in the ecosystem, providing access to the best female-led dealflow through these activities:

  • WIN Investment Academy: online training courses for two types of investors:
    • WIN Business Angel Academy: female business angels, new and experienced

    • WIN Venture Capital Academy: female professionals in venture capital, at junior and senior levels.

  • WIN Investment forums: investment forums, where investors will have access to the most innovative female-led startups in the agritech, health, manufacturing, and urban mobility sectors.

  • WIN Networking building a community where female investors from all over Europe can learn together and from each other, coinvest and look for new types of collaboration.


  • Female presence in venture investment in Europe is low, particularly in senior positions. We want to have more women writing checks and becoming successful investors.

  • The proportion of funding attracted by female-led startups is quite lower than their share in the ecosystem, partially due to low female presence on the investment side, which might contribute to conscious or unconscious biases.

  • A more gender-balanced ecosystem makes more diverse and more efficient investment and innovation decisions.

In this context, WIN aims at:

  • Increasing female presence and role as investors in Europe (help invest successfully, develop professionally and progress to senior positions)

  • Connecting female investors and female-led startups to explore investment opportunities.

WIN Venture Capital Academy

What: 2 different training for female professionals in venture capital at junior and senior positions, addressing key topics in the investment process, professional development and career aspects

How: a series of online training sessions at two levels of seniority.

For Who:

  • Raising VC Investors: Female interns and analysts in Venture Capital, up to 3 years of experience in VC.

  • Becoming a VC Partner: Female Associates or Principals with 3-10 years of experience in VC.

Raising VC Investors contents:

Do you want to become an expert in the start-up’s investment and further develop your investment skills?

If you are an intern or analyst of a VC fund and you want to further develop your investment skills to grow in the sector, this program is for you. During 3 months you will have a series of online sessions with experts in the investment ecosystem to understand the key aspects of a VC fund. During these 10 sessions you will gain the needed skills to grow professionally in your career development plan.

You can register individually by session, or by module or full program, in the registration link above you will find different options to register.

If you register to the whole series, one entire module or at least 4 sessions (different modules), you will receive a certificate detailing your participation.

Access the content of the program here.

Checkout all the Terms & Conditions of the activity here!

WIN Business Angels Academy

The SUPERNOVAS Business Angels free Training Programm is developed by the EIT Community with the support of EBAN. The mission is crystal clear: to foster gender diversity in the angel investing world and create a more inclusive ecosystem that empowers women investors like you.

Are you a woman passionate about startups, innovation, and making a real impact in the entrepreneurial world? If your answer is a resounding “YES,” then we have something extraordinary in store for you no matter your investing experience:

  • BEGINNER’S COURSE: The SUPERNOVAS Business Angels Training Programme for junior female business angels (0-5 investments)
  • EXPERT’S COURSE: The ADVANCED SUPERNOVAS Business Angels Training Programme for senior female business angels (6+ investments)

Secure your Spot

The When and Where

The courses will take place online in October and November, and we encourage you to secure your spot right away as places are limited. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with a diverse community of brilliant female investors, exchange insights, and shape the future of angel investing together.

The How

Designed with your unique needs in mind, these courses cover a plethora of captivating topics that will empower you to make strategic investment decisions and excel as an angel investor. We’ll take you on a thrilling journey through understanding the startup lifecycle, sourcing quality deal flow, conducting due diligence, and so much more!

The Why

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is committed to increase the number of women in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and the investment industry. For this, the EIT Community is developing SUPERNOVAS, the European programme aimed at improving gender balance in these sectors.

Access the content of the program here.

Supernovas Investment Forums

What are the Supernovas Investment Forums

  • For investors: Two stimulating hours of women-led startups pitches, to grasp a basic understanding of the potential of the opportunity, fit with investors’ strategy and portfolio and meet other investors. After the meeting, Supernovas will support you in identifying other interested investors in the startups presenting and to explore the next steps.
  • For startups: A unique opportunity to reach out to international investors after a carefully curated process that includes support to fine-tune your presentation deck to an international crowd of investors.

What kind of startups will participate🔎:

  • Female founded (at least a woman in the founding team) or female-led startups (female CEO)
  • Funds sought from 250.000 euros to 5 million euros
  • Sector& Focus for the next forum:
    • Mobility & Energy: Mobility and Energy: Active mobility, City logistics, Urban air mobility, Waterway transportation & Water logistics, Connected & Autonomous vehicles, Sensors & training data, Public realm for mobility, Energy infrastructure for mobility, Sustainable buildings and cities, Energy and mobility products for circular economy, Energy storage, Energy efficiency, Renewable energies, Smart electric grid.

21st June (online) - Celebrated.

Agrifood and health powered by EIT Food

18th October (online) - Celebrated.


22nd November - Next in line! register below.

Urban mobility & Energy

Registration for startups is now closed! If you are an investor, please register below.


We welcome angel investors, venture capital funds and other private investors such as corporates and family offices active in the early-stage investment space and committed to increase their share female founders in their portfolio. Targeted investors are looking for up to Series A deals in Europe and across a variety of sectors.

Supernovas offers startups with a careful balance in terms of the degree of maturity and development of the products, geographical diversity, market size and business areas. Startups have been carefully selected by the EIT programme SUPERNOVAS from its broad network of high and deeptech partners in the ecosystem and supported by a seasoned Jury of investors to shortlist and select the most promising startups.



In 2023 we are looking for startups in:

  • Agrifood and health: Sustainable agriculture (carbon farming & digital and precision farming), Alternative proteins and biotechnologies (including Cellular & plant-based proteins), Digital and traceability solutions, Circularity, food waste reduction, and upcycling, Targeted nutrition and food as medicine, Disruptive e-health.
  • Manufacturing: aditive Manufacturing / 3D printing, Advanced Sensors, Battery / Hydrogen / Energy Storage, CO2 Capture / Utilization & Storage, CO2 eq. Tracking, Computer Vision / Quality Control / Assurance, Connectivity / IoT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics / AI / ML, Electronics and Semiconductors, Health and Safety, Logistics / Asset Tracking, Mixed and Extended Reality / VR / AR, Plastic and Metal components, Platform business / Marketplace, Prescriptive and predictive analytics, Production Planning / Flexible production systems, Recycling / Reuse / Remanufacturing, Robotics, Simulation / Digital Twins / Advanced Engineering Tools

  • Mobility and Energy: Active mobility, City logistics, Urban air mobility, Waterway transportation & Water logistics, Connected & Autonomous vehicles, Sensors & training data, Public realm for mobility, Energy infrastructure for mobility, Sustainable buildings and cities, Energy and mobility products for circular economy, Energy storage, Energy efficiency, Renewable energies, Smart electric grid.

Registrations for startups have closed. Stay tuned for future editions!

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