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Focus Areas

With the mission to drive change in the agrifood industry, TeamUp will support solutions in the following focus areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Aquaculture, Alternative Proteins, Circular Food Systems, Digital Traceability and Targeted Nutrition.

Alternative Proteins - Going beyond the burger

Transforming alternative proteins into more nutritional (clean labels, better nutritional profile), scalable (awareness and education, priced reasonably, availability), and sustainable driving solutions.

Sustainable Aquaculture - Promoting sea-life and health

Promoting health (harmful antibiotics, fish waste and pesticide management) and sustainability (climate change resistance, sea-life regeneration, circular systems) across fishing and farming while driving a more balanced consumption.

Targeted Nutrition - Making nutrition more precise and effective

Promoting a safer, more convenient and scalable personalised nutrition that tackles challenges around obesity, malnutrition, gut health and immunity. Considering factors such as age, lifestyle, gender, genetics, food intolerances and tastes.

Circular Food Systems - Reduce, reuse, recycle

Shifting to a circular food system that promotes environmental health by reducing green gas emissions, allowing for nutrient recycling, preventing food and water waste.

Digital Traceability - Delivering trust and empowerment

Improving the safety, transparency, efficiency and sustainability of the agri-food system with digital solutions that promotes consumer trust and shorter supply chains.

Sustainable Agriculture - Doing more with less

Transforming agriculture to meet the growing global food demand by increasing productivity and reducing waste in a sustainable and regenerative manner.