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AQUAENT: Zero waste and sustainability solutions in the Blue Economy

AQUAENT workshops are aimed at recognising new technological advancements in the circular economy and empowering people to become contributors of the blue economy revolution.

The reasons to join AQUAENT workshops

  • Recognise new technological advancements in the circular economy related to the aquaculture.
  • Understand the significant zero-waste approach in fisheries as an adding value and reduce carbon footprint, aiming to make blue economy a real future perspective.
  • Focus on women's contribution in the blue economy revolution through education on sustainable solutions in the fish business.
  • Inspire the new comers in the aquaculture field to seriously consider the environment friendly business models, connected to high profitability and to the reduction at the same time of waste.


Project lead

Beata Sarosiek
Beata Sarosiek

Radoslaw Kowalski
Radoslaw Kowalski