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SMASCH: To be successful you need a digital GAME PLAN

The SMASCH programme offers a variety of learning opportunities designed for professionals already working in the agrifood sector.

The program offers an attractive variety of learning activities. You will start with a one day workshop where you will be exposed to best practices, and you will have the opportunity to reflect and what would work for you, with a team of experts. You will then have the opportunity to work with consultants and mentors that will give you advice on your individual case, and share with others with similar problems across Europe. You will be given the opportunity to participate in live discussion sessions and also given some self-study material. A final event will showcase the solutions you have co-created with your local and European network.

This course is designed for professionals already working in the agri food sector. For instance farmers, food producers, business owners, consultants, supply chain practitioners and all professionals involved in agri-food digital transformation at every level of the value chain.

Design and apply data-driven solutions that work for you

The course provides you with an overview of technical and organizational challenges and opportunities concerning data-driven agri-food business. You will work together with fellow leaders, innovators and learn by applying the tools to your own reality. Peer review is stimulated and an important part of your learning experience. Together you will explore the future challenges of:

• Data-driven business models that add value/protect/trace to your product
• Data Platforms and technologies appropriate to support your decision making on the farm
• Responsible Data Sharing and e-commerce tools

• You will get acquainted with a multidisciplinary approach on how to work on these challenges in an integrated manner and become an expert!

After completion of the course, you will have a clear sense of the state of the art practices in applying simple data and internet tools to your value chain, and evaluate the key elements that you could apply to add value in your business. If you are interested in learning from your peers, and sharing knowledge about data based on farm decision-making tools, traceability tools and how to create a more transparent, short value chain, this is your program. You will learn about new business models that are leveraging from digitized data and already disrupting the agri-food sector and become a great example for your region.

Applications start Friday April 1st and close a few days before your local kick-off event in Italy, Hungary and Spain.

Spain, 7th June, Valladolid

Hungary, 9th June, Szentes, DélKerTÉSZ

Italy, 30th June, Torino

Italy, 4th July, Catania

Project lead

Milena Corredig Reuse2 Repack
Milena Corredig

Professor at Aarhus University, Food Science