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RIS Inspire  Programme

RIS Inspire Programme

Building talent able to tackle the challenges faced by the agrifood sector

Mentoring a new generation of European innovators

The development of RIS Inspire Programme aims to build a critical mass of new talent in Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) countries. This will help to fill the current gap in scientific, entrepreneurial and managerial skills with capable multidisciplinary talent able to take on the challenges faced by the agrifood sector. 

This project will develop three Schools which are aimed at graduates from a range of disciplines in RIS countries, specifically designed to increase knowledge and innovation generated about food systems and to foster greater societal engagement, eventually developing a knowledge lab and an open-innovation ecosystem. The schools will cover three different focus areas:  

  • Targeted Nutrition
  • Transparent Food Chains  
  • Circular Business Models

APPLY NOW! Choose one topic of your interest, each of the 3 courses have different start dates and application buttons.

The model is designed to develop skills and capabilities based on entrepreneurship, as well as enhance knowledge relating to the different issues facing the agrifood sector.  Our approach involves making each student a co-builder of their own knowledge with collaborative and problem-solving oriented learning. Importantly they will become aware of the different phases involved in knowledge building, using a path of planning for skills development (from ideation to business creation). 

This project is organised in a way that will avoid the “one-shot” moment, trying to create a smart, creative pipeline for young innovators, making participants aware and possibly active users of all the EIT Food portfolio programmes. The group of entrepreneurs created will be highly multidisciplinary in nature, and very culturally and geographically diverse, making it very different from any other cohort created by local universities or other organisations. 

The RIS Inspire program will use a “blended” didactic approach, using both online and onsite activities. Through the online part it would be possible to diffuse the basic concepts to be used during the program, but at the same time interaction among students and with the teachers will be stimulated, so to create motivation for the onsite part, where students will be engaged directly in team working.

Targeted Nutrition

Consumer attitude research conducted before the online course in order to gather the expectations, trust issues and needs of hypersensitive and intolerant consumers who require targeted nutrition solutions and services to be presented to online course participants. The experience will allow participants to have the opportunity to work with and get inspired by food researchers, industry experts and professional chefs, and to co-create new business ideas and concepts in the area of targeted nutrition that will tackle the challenges faced by hypersensitive consumers.

APPLY NOW to the Program in Targeted Nutrition

START DATE: October 25. END DATE: November 12.

APPLY NOW for Targeted Nutrition

Transparent Food Chains

This summer school responds to the need of creating more transparent food chains. It offers a unique 20 day program with asynchronous material in preparation to an intense one week bootcamp, that will allow students to experience creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship, together with industry partners and mentors, with the final objective of translating their findings into real-world business solutions. The bootcamp training will be delivered through a mix of guest lecturers from industry (Hitachi, Siemens, John Deere, Agricolus, Zimt technologies, Ingredia, Barilla), exposing participants to blockchain, digital ledger technology, IoT, sensors, and their current utilization. Teams will work with mentors to put into practice the ideas in a business context.


Circular Business Models

The Winter School will be based on a blended approach building on the combination of an online and onsite module. The online module will be aimed to provide participants with a common background and the basic competencies required by the onsite module. The taught content will be applied in a project-based learning approach supported by lecturers from the University of Aarhus, the University of Bologna, the University of Torino and experts from local and global industrial partners.

APPLY NOW to the Program on Circular Business Models.

START DATE: November 22. END DATE: December 10.

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Inspire Programme Structure

Online Learning

  • Introduction to the challenges of the food system with a focus on each School´s specific topic
  • Knowledge & skills on how to launch a business

Interactive learning & Hands-on work

Generate business ideas in food space & work on viable solutions, to turn food and agriculture into a sustainable, healthy and trusted sytem for all.

  • Leading academic and industry partners of EIT Food will contribute with important insights and mentoring.
  • Receive seminars, workshops, professional guidance, networking events and more.
  • Immersion into key innovation ecosystem in Europe.
  • Final pitch competition to select RIS Inspire winners 2021.


Students, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals coming from RIS countries interested in creating a business idea around our food system's most significant issues. Applicants from non-RIS countries will be considered, but they will have to pay a small participation fee, in line with the twin Inspire program.



No fees are required for students coming from RIS countries. Applicants from non-RIS countries will have to pay a small participation fee, in line with the twin Inspire program.



University of Turin
Aarhus University
Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (UNIBO)

Project Lead

Dario Peirone

University of Turin


Activity Leader

Contact details

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