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Would you like to learn about the best way of involving consumers in the creative processes for food products and packaging? Join "Discover co-creation", a series of free interactive online events.

Co-creation: Creating innovative food products

17 November 2022, Thursday, 12 pm CET

Co-creation: Packaging for takeaway meals

23 November 2022, Wednesday, 12 pm CET

Co-creation: Food for older consumers

24 November 2022, Thursday, 12 pm CET

The events present co-creation as a collaboration with consumers on developing food products and packaging.

During the events, we shall share the best practices and experiences of the EIT Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs project.

In 2019-2022, 43 food sector organisations from 16 countries worked with 82 consumer groups to design new food products. 22 products proposed by consumers have been successfully introduced to the market. Further products and new packaging designs are in the pipeline.