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Public Engagement Call 2023 - Consumer Observatory

Applications for the EIT Food's Consumer Observatory Call are now open!


Be part of EIT Food's new programme that will identify trends across the food system and create a valuable resource for consumer research and insights!

What is the Consumer Observatory?

The EIT Food Consumer Observatory is an infrastructure umbrella programme aiming to combine EIT Food’s consumer insights knowledge in one place. This is a cross-functional initiative that will reshape how EIT Food curates and maximises the impact of its consumer knowledge.

This should be both a “reactive” resource, pooling EIT Food’s consumer data in one place for use by EIT Food staff and partners, and a “proactive” tool that drives the agenda by highlighting key consumer themes and trends, that can be proactively promoted to EIT Food’s key audiences and the media. 

To make sure future EIT Food activities are guided by the latest insights and trends, the project will set up an early warning/trend spotting system that highlights upcoming consumer trends and concerns. This trend spotting system will incorporate advisory boards with industry players, policymakers and other potential “trend-spotters.” A consumer insights database populated by consumer data from EIT Food funded projects will help position the EIT Food partnership at the forefront of insights on the latest food and food innovation trends. 

The existing EIT Food projects on trust will be incorporated into this new request as part of the ongoing insight initiative. 

What are we looking for?

Through this Open Call, we are looking for organisations to help us to position EIT Food at the forefront of the latest food trends, aiming to highlight major trends before they become mainstream, chased by the media, corporates, and governments for our unique insight into the impact on consumers.

Watch the Consumer Observatory Call Webinar

To get more information on the Public Engagement Consumer Observatory Call 2023 you can watch here the webinar that took place on October 5th, 2022.

This webinar provides prospective applicants with an overview of the Call requirements and application and evaluation process details.

About the five Work Packages (WPs)

These work packages break down the components within the consumer observatory project.

Work Package 1: Activity Management

This Work Package deals with the project management, timeline, internal communication, and deliverables. The Activity Lead will be responsible for:

  • Acting as the main EIT Food contact, liaising with the Senior EIT Food personnel overseeing this project and always ensuring continuous communication and clear reporting.
  • Coordinating project meetings, ensuring all WPs communicate effectively and collaborate towards the overall goal.
  • Ensuring all KPIs and deliverables are achieved
  • Ensuring all existing consumer trust projects are integrated effectively with cost savings where applicable.

As all Work Packages are very closely linked and depend on one another, it’s crucial for the Activity Lead to make sure internal communication between WPs runs smoothly.

Work Package 2: Trend Watch

This Work Package will set up trend watch mechanisms which include in-country spotters and futurists. It will also set up and manage the necessary advisory boards, including the already existing Consumer Advisory Board of EIT Food, which is a board made up of European consumer organisations. The purpose of the advisory boards is to add to the trend spotting work and enable the Consumer Observatory to be able to make the links between innovation areas to be explored and consumer trends. Additionally advisory board partners will be able to actively input and benefit from any output that’s relevant to their operation. Outcomes from this WP will feed into WP3 and drive the strategic direction of the insights work carried out.

Work Package 3: Insights

This Work Package will set up the insights structure and system with the aim of providing actionable insights and bringing the data to life. Any identified future trends, opportunities or gaps from Work Package 2 will also feed into this. It will incorporate, coordinate, and run EIT Food’s existing quantitative and qualitative studies (TrustTracker(r), Citizen Participation Forum) and set up new ones. It will set up and run an open access (to EIT Food) database with studies’ results and other available data. There is a need to create a process that mandates that any consumer-focused activity is run through the Consumer Observatory moving forward. Results from this Work Package will feed into both the following Work Packages, underpinning, and driving Communication/Dissemination and Business.

Work Package 4: Communication and Dissemination

This WP will set up and run the internal communications plan with the necessary internal feedback loops to make sure that the EIT Food network players are well informed about project outcomes (management structures, partners, regional offices etc). In addition, the WP should set up and run the external communications plan/media strategy with the aim to position EIT Food as an expert on consumer engagement/insights in the food systems sphere. This WP will be responsible for putting together and promoting (based on insights provided by WP3) EIT Food’s yearly Trust Report and other reports needed to reach the goals of the WP.

Work Package 5: Business

This WP will set up and implement the strategy for financial sustainability actions for the programme. It will also set up and run the strategy for business models for more sustainable business conduct and how to encourage companies to adopt these based on the learnings from the EIT Food Consumer Trust Grand Challenge. Potential avenues to include content licensing, subscription models and consultancy.

Key dates

  • Launch of the call: 15.09.2022  
  • Webinar on the Call's Guidelines: 05.10.2022 11:00 CET
  • Deadline for applications: 15.11.2022 12:00 CET
  • Review period for applications:  15.11.2022 - 31.01.2023 

Important Documents

These additional resources should help you in drafting your application

Get in touch!

If after reading all the materials available and watching the webinar you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Join the Open Innovation Platform

The Open Innovation Platform is our online ideation and matchmaking platform developed to facilitate ideas for the Consumer Observatory Call 2023. You can access the online platform to facilitate consortium building, share ideas, get feedback from peers and form your project teams.

Help us shape the future of consumer data and trends