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Nutriboot for Business: Back to the Office Challenge

Nutriboot for Business: Back to the Office Challenge

After working from home for too long, employees look forward to going back to the office and reconnecting with their routines. But with life going back to the old normal, the next challenge is to find a new work-life balance. Use this opportunity to motivate your employees with the Nutriboot-challenge that will boost their health and happiness. 

The Nutriboot-challenge is an 8-week app-based programme starting on September 1 that helps your staff to adopt healthy lifestyle habits: more exercise, healthier nutrition, and improved mental well-being. 

Nutriboot is a goal-setting app, a habit tracker, and a social community. Employees are encouraged to achieve personal goals, improve their health, and get rewarded for it too. 

In our app, we offer engaging gamified challenges for your employees to: 

  • Eat healthier and feel motivated to exercise 
  • Learn about healthy nutrition, daily exercise, and mental well-being 
  • Achieve personal goals 
  • Support each other 
  • Get rewarded! 

Challenge completed? Participants are rewarded for their efforts with points. They can redeem them for discounts and exclusive prizes in the rewards store.  

Why use Nutriboot? 

Even though life seems to return to normal, habits and routines have been disrupted, which makes it more challenging for people to eat healthily, get exercise and feel good. And staff members with an unhealthy lifestyle can experience or develop increased stress, mental health issues, absenteeism, chronic diseases or low morale. 

The Nutriboot Challenge encourages and supports your staff in a motivating and fun way to look at their current habits transition to a healthier lifestyle. The advantages of offering Nutriboot not only benefit the employees but your company too. 

Benefits of the Nutriboot challenge

Sickness prevention 
Research shows strong links between sickness prevention and a healthy diet combined with physical activity. We provide employees with the tools to minimize the risks to develop long-term health issues. 
Motivated employees 

An employer that cares about the well-being of its employees is a strong asset. We help to increase the motivation of employees, providing a success experience that transforms the company culture. 

Company reputation 
Healthy lifestyle awareness and team connection is a strong reputation builder for employees. We increase the sense of connection between your employees and your company. 

Increased productivity 
Happy and healthy employees are productive employees. A good balance between body and mind reduces stress, increases focus and supports a better work experience. We approach optimal health from a holistic point of view and drive healthy behaviour through a combination of gamification, social support, and reward incentives. 

How does it work? 

During 8 weeks, participants take on three challenges: one on healthy nutrition, one on daily exercise, and one on mental well-being. The challenges are moderated by 3 professional coaches who will guide and inspire them by sharing motivational tips, fitness routines, meal plans, healthy recipes, and mindfulness exercises. Each challenge has a social wall where they can share goals and interact with or support other participants.   

The Nutriboot system is extremely flexible and allows you to run any type of challenge that is centred around healthy nutrition, daily exercise, and mental well-being such as a weight loss challenge, walking challenge or mindfulness challenge. 

Participants earn health trophies by sharing their weekly progress, posting pictures, and completing challenges. These trophies can be exchanged for rewards in the store.

The app will track their progress during the 8 weeks of the challenge and hopefully, after two months it can show them the amazing progress they made! 

Challenge and motivate your employees with Nutriboot! 

Sponsorship Opportunity

Alternatively, we can also offer you the opportunity to become a Nutriboot sponsor if your products and services fit the healthy scope and mission of Nutriboot. 

In return for your sponsorship, we place content on the social walls of the challenge to advertise your products or services that promote a healthy lifestyle.  

For example: 

  • Videos with click-through 
  • Sponsored recipes from supermarkets 
  • Food products 

 You can also offer discounts or special offers for products that participants can buy or obtain with the health trophies they collect throughout the challenge. 

Nutriboot sponsorship will increase the visibility of your products and services to thousands of people in companies across Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and France!     

Reach out to to explore the possibilities.



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Catherine Breyssens
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