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School Initiative

What is better than teaching younger people the importance of healthy eating habits and zero waste in a place where they learn every day?

Teaching younger people the importance of healthy eating habits and zero waste

That is why, “Los Salvacomidas” have created this school initiative where Primary and Secondary students gain insights about nutrition with projects and original and fun activities, which contribute to the learning agreement of the Spanish educational law (LOMCE). In addition, there is European support and support from renowned entities that offer online training courses, didactic videos, and exclusive platforms to continue learning.

The educational material is provided in 3 different languages: Spanish, Basque and Galician. The initiative is mainly held in:

  • Andalucía
  • Castilla y León
  • Galicia
  • Madrid
  • Basque Country


From first to sixth grade students, they learn the basis of a healthy diet with educational material and then, they show their insights by creating a healthy and creative dish. The project can be done in any way possible, as drawing, crafts… or a real dish.


  • Create awareness about the importance of food for a proper function of the body.
  • Create awareness about food waste and right consumption habits
  • Create awareness about gastronomy
  • Value the richness of gastronomy
  • Foster creativity


Teenagers have always had the power to create, try new things, conquer the world… and Los Salvacomidas want to help them achieve all of that by creating a business project which will open up doors to the agrifood sector and entrepreneurship.

The project is based on creating a business opportunity in a startup model or an app for the agrifood sector. All the educational material and templates, CANVAS for the startup and APP for the app, are provided to students.


  • Create awareness about entrepreneurship
  • Develop and reinforce entrepreneurship
  • Foster creative thinking
  • Foster teamwork, initiative, creativity to reinforce self-confidence
  • Anticipate problems through analysis and strategy
  • Detect market and consumption trends in the national and European agrifood sector
  • Value innovation and R&D importance
  • Become a responsible and informed citizens
  • Foster scientific career opportunities in the agrifood sector