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Misión Salvacomidas

Misión Salvacomidas is a set of educational activities to raise awareness and educate children about food waste and its consequences, as well as strategies to combat it.

Misión Salvacomidas Workshops

The activities developed within this project are designed to increase shared knowledge and collaborative work, promoting a change towards more sustainable and healthy consumption habits, and reducing the footprint of our food systems.

With a total duration of approximately 1h30, the main objective is to raise awareness in the community about the issue of food waste, and teach them to rethink and reflect, to reduce their food footprint by adopting innovative practices and creative ways in which they can change their habits towards healthier practices and also help to reduce the amount of food waste at a local level. In doing so, we generate a source of knowledge on food waste available to all and engage consumers and participants through an active methodology that makes the goal of zero waste accessible and effective. The activities are aimed at children over 7 years of age.

Next editions:

Another Huerto

With this project Los Salvacomidas showed that sustainability and nutrition can extend their walls to other fields like the cinema. Another Way Film Festival is a great example as it is based on sustainability in which there is a parallel activity called Another Huerto.

Another Huerto was held online due to COVID-19 where games and educational material were provided by “Los Salvacomidas”, and they learnt how to build their own kitchen garden.

Also, “Los Salvacomidas” launched a contest in social media with the hashtag #HuertoLosSalvacomidas where participants could win a Popcorn maker if they guessed a riddle related to the topic.


Zarautz4teens is a programme with the objective of transmitting values of surfing and competition among the youngest people organised by Aritz Aranburu (professional surfer). EIT Food has joined forces with him as his team to share food-related knowledge and healthy living, with activities organised to provide clear information about the agrifood sector, climate change and healthy lifestyle in a fun and easy way to understand.

El Olivar | Didactic workshop

EIT Food and Acesur bring olive oil culture to schools in Andalusia with the programme El Olivar-Educando en la alimentación del futuro (The Olive Grove-Educating in the food of the future).

A total of 276 children in pre-school and primary education in Andalusia have participated directly in the different activities carried out by the El Olivar - Educating in the food of the future programme, the initiative promoted by EIT Food and Acesur with the aim of transmitting to the new generations the importance of olive oil in our gastronomy and our culture, as well as in our food industry. The project, carried out between October and December with the collaboration of the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation, has been very well received by the educational community, with a total of 673 schools from 346 municipalities in the eight Andalusian provinces registered.