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During the world pandemic, not only a huge amount of food went to waste, but a lot of families found themselves unable to provide their children nutritious meals. Therefore, Salvacomidas, next to Ausolan and Banco de Alimentos, gave use to food surplus and donations to prepare children’s menus, which also included educational material to teach healthy eating habits, which can be found here.

The initiative ended up with:

  • 60.000 menus delivered
  • 1500 delivered every day
  • 3000 families between the communities of Madrid and the Basque Country were helped
  • 3 tons of food saved

The action was successfully carried out thanks to more than 100 voluntaries and more than 50 ONGs that worked together with companies from the agrifood sector, such as Grupo AN, Danone and Angulas Aguinaga, and experts in nutrition and nutritional education.