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Los Salvacomidas
Los Salvacomidas

Los Salvacomidas

Los Salvacomidas is the answer to all your problems. Well, it is not but it is for children’s malnutrition and food waste.

The project teaches and educates children the meaning of a healthy
diet and “Zero waste” for a healthful future.

Malnutrition is one of the biggest issues of our society and sadly, children are suffering the most. What kind of future will children have if they don’t know how to eat properly?

Concerned about the problem, a group of companies and associations have created “Los Salvacomidas”, a project that aims to teach and educate children from a very young age, the basic knowledge and skills of nutrition that will shape their years to come. Also, an important highlight of the initiative is that they promote ”zero waste” movement. 

But nothing can be achieved if they don’t act, thus “Los Salvacomidas” have carried out some initiatives through the years:

COVID – 19

During the world pandemic, “Los Salvacomidas” provided 60.000 children’s menus to families in need. The menus also included educational material to teach healthy eating habits.

Another huerto

Los Salvacomidas took part in Another Huerto, activity of Another Way Film Festival. They provided games and educational material and they showed participants how to create their own kitchen garden.

Robin Food

Robin Food, a project created by EIT Food, gives work to vulnerable collectives who offer new life to those leftovers, transforming them into new food products, for example vegetable soups. The food products are being launched in Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium.

School Initiative (Primary & Secondary)

This is an innovative educational programme open to Primary and Secondary students. The programme fosters nutritional education and “zero waste” politics through projects, original activities, training courses, didactic videos and more. Also, aiming to Secondary students, it looks to open their minds and start their path in entrepreneurship and the agrifood system.


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Why Salvacomidas?

During the Spanish COVID-19 lockdown, a vast number of children found themselves empty handed at lunch time, exposing the big problem that malnutrition is. It became clear that the problem was not that far from our homes and therefore, it needed to stop somehow. That is why “Los Salvacomidas” was created. They started providing healthy menus to younger on obesity or undernourished risk and decreasing food waste by collaborating with companies from the sector.

Nowadays, “Los Salvacomidas” is a set project of EIT Food which teaches and educates children the meaning of a healthy diet and “Zero waste”. Their mission is to make children, in a playful way, aware of a rich nutrition, so they become healthy adults.           



During the world pandemic, not only a huge amount of food went to waste, but a lot of families found themselves unable to provide their children nutritious meals. Therefore, Salvacomidas, next to Ausolan and Banco de Alimentos, gave use to the food from school canteens that was going to get spoiled by preparing children’s menus, which also included educational material to teach healthy eating habits, which can be found here [insert link to website]

The initiative ended up with:

  • 60.000 menus delivered
  • 1500 delivered every day
  • 3000 families between the communities of Madrid and the Basque Country were helped
  • 3 tons of food saved   

The action was successfully carried out thanks to more than 100 voluntaries and more than 50 ONGs that worked together with companies from the agrifood sector, such as Grupo AN, Danone and Angulas Aguinaga, and experts in nutrition and nutritional education.

Another Huerto

With this project Los Salvacomidas showed that sustainability and nutrition can extend their walls to other fields like the cinema. Another Way Film Festival is a great example as it is based on sustainability in which there is a parallel activity called Another Huerto.

 Another Huerto was held online due to COVID-19 where games and educational material were provided by “Los Salvacomidas”, and they learnt how to build their own kitchen garden.

Also, “Los Salvacomidas” launched a contest in social media with the hashtag #HuertoLosSalvacomidas where participants could win a Popcorn maker if the guessed a riddle related to the topic.  

Robin Food

Robin Food was created by EIT Food, Eroski and Robin Good with the purpose of giving work to vulnerable collectives and avoiding food waste with which healthy products will be made.

The project started in COVID times to make use of the food that was getting spoiled that became healthy and nutritious products, such as vegetable creams, bread, cookies and more.

Robin Food works in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain aiming to create a new product, support a startup and provide jobs to people at risk of exclusion in every country.

Los Salvacomidas support the project in their website as it is based on sustainability, food waste and healthy nutrition, while they teach children its purpose with a tale.


School Initiative

What is better than teaching younger people the importance of healthy eating habits and zero waste in a place where they learn every day? That is why,  “Los Salvacomidas” have created this school initiative where Primary and Secondary students will gain insights about nutrition with projects and original and fun activities, which will contribute to the learning agreement of the Spanish educational law (LOMCE). In addition, there is European support and support from renowned entities that offer online training courses, didactic videos, and exclusive platforms to continue learning.

The educational material will be provided in 3 different languages: Spanish, Basque and Galician and the initiative will be held in:

  • Andalucía
  • Castile and Leon
  • Galicia
  • Madrid
  • Basque Country


From first grade to sixth grade students, they will learn what is a healthy diet with educational material and then, they will have to show their insights by creating a healthy and creative dish. The project can be done in any way possible, as drawing, crafts… or a real dish.


  • Create awareness about the importance of food for a proper function of the body.
  • Create awareness about food waste and right consumption habits
  • Create awareness about gastronomy
  • Value the richness of gastronomy
  • Foster creativity



Teenagers have always had the power to create, try new things, conquer the world… and Los Salvacomidas want to help them achieve all of that by creating a business project which will open up doors to the agrifood sector and entrepreneurship.

The project will be based on creating a business opportunity and a startup model or an app for any of the agrifood sectors. All the educational material and templates, CANVAS for the startup and APP for the app, wil be provided to the students.


  • Create awareness about entrepreneurship
  • Develop and reinforce entrepreneurship
  • Foster creative thinking
  • Foster teamwork, initiative, creativity to reinforce self-confidence
  • Anticipate problems through analysis and strategy
  • Detect market and consumption trends in the national and European agrifood sector
  • Value innovation and R&D importance
  • Become a responsible and informed citizens
  • Foster scientific career opportunities in the agrifood sector


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