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Join us at the Sustainable Agriculture for Biodiversity Inspire programme! You will get an opportunity to improve your knowledge on how to combat climate change and how to reverse biodiversity loss. You will also have an opportunity to design innovative solutions for the agriculture sector and learn how to turn your ideas into business propositions. Best ideas will receive a prize!

In this programme, you will learn about unsustainable vs. sustainable agriculture practices, the AI potential to accelerate global efforts to protect the environment and conserve biodiversity, ways to stop the loss and degradation of carbon- and species-rich ecosystems; you will explore the resilience for biodiversity & food, how to re-nature the cities & boost the ecosystem health, what is community-based biodiversity conservation. Furthermore, you will learn about governance & finance in agriculture, inclusive business models, and much more!

The programme lasts 3 weeks, from the 7th of November until the 25th of November 2022.

Click here to know more information about the programme: Inspire - Sustainable Agriculture for Biodiversity - EIT Food


Project lead

Francesca Bichiri

Project Manager