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Winners GFVP 2021

1st prize: Choose Eat

An innovative interface web service for personalized Menus based on dietary restrictions for the global catering service markets. Our machine learning software will assist those suffering from different kinds of food reactions to find the correct menu by matching his/her food profile with the caterer´s available menus and adopt some dishes/ingredients creating a new personalized menu according to their dietary restrictions. Personalized Menus will be on our web Multi-personalized platform to serve other users/caterers, who have similar requirements.

2nd prize: Insects4All

Insects4all offers a package for insect farming consisting of a technologically controlled and fully automated portable insect farm together with black fly soldier (BFS) larvae for the production of insect-based feed. By simply adding manure/food waste/vegetable by-products to our package, animal producers would easily produce BFS insects that can then be directly used to feed pigs and poultry.

3rd prize: Haltrack

Building a marking block chain practical simulation or model for improving halal traceability.

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The GFVP Activity Lead Chryssa Dimaki and fellow Program Manager Mina Mansoor Rankel hosted a live webinar on the 17th of April 2020. Those wondering whether the Global Food Venture Programme was the right fit were welcomed to join and get to know our mission, curriculum, entry criteria, partners, and alumni project. The webinar also featured Dr. Miguel Molina Romero, CTO of AI-based start-up Orbem, who shared his experience with our programme in 2018.