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Seedbed Incubator
Seedbed Incubator

Seedbed Incubator

A 6-month pre-accelerator programme that aims to transform innovative ideas into market-validated business propositions.

The EIT Food Seedbed Pre-Accelerator Programme is delivered by top EIT Food Partner Universities and Research and Innovation Organisations (Seedbed Hubs), providing their expertise in technology and product commercialisation to help entrepreneurs launch or progress a commercially viable business.

Seedbed hubs provide participants with the skills, mentoring and funding to get out of the building and test innovative ideas directly with 100+ potential customers and end-users and learn how to progress from a great idea to a validated business proposition.

At the end of the programme, entrepreneurs present their learning journey to a panel of experts, receiving constructive feedback and the chance to secure follow-on funding from EIT Food to help participants launch or progress their business. 

Seedbed programmes will enable you to identify key customers, test the market and take your minimum viable product or service from a commercial proposition to a validated business

Benefits of Seedbed

The EIT Food Seedbed Programme provides participants with world class start-up training and coaching to identify their core business assumptions and support to refine their business value propositions. The programme includes: 

  • Training at a four-day online bootcamp based on unique customer-oriented methodology to allow participants to define clear value propositions; winning business models; and a market validation plan to better understand the needs of the market and develop a solution customers are willing to pay for
  • Networking and Mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and leading experts in the agrifood sector
  • Funding of up to €8,000 to facilitate market testing activities and to speak to potential customers, stakeholders and end-users to validate business ideas; plus the opportunity to access follow-on EIT Food funding and support through the Startup Launch Grant.
  • An opportunity to pitch to a panel of industry experts and receive constructive feedback.

Ultimately, Seedbed is designed to produce independent, creative, and market-aware entrepreneurs with the necessary multi-disciplinary skillset to address not only key challenges in the agri-food sector, but make important contributions to ensure our food systems secure and trusted. Most importantly, our teams finish with a validated business model primed for attracting follow-on support and investment that will help take their proposition closer to market, not to mention continued access and opportunities within the EIT Food network.

Who Should Apply?

Are you doing or supporting research that has commercial potential? Have you an innovative idea for an agri-food technology that could revolutionise the food system? Or, are you working in the food sector and think you have an new innovative idea for your company? Then our Seedbed Incubator Programme could be for you!

The EIT Food Seedbed Programme is focused on supporting three participant groups with business propositions underpinned by science and technology, that could tranfrom the food system:

  • Entrepreneruial Teams seeking to validate their commercial potential of their innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Teams seeking to validate the commercial potential of technology they are developing as a student or employee at a Research Organisation or University (where IP is owned by the organisation)
  • Recently incorperated companies (spinouts or startups, typically less than a year old) seeking to validate the commercial potential of their innovation

Proposed innovations must fall under one of the of EIT Food's Focus Areas, listed below:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Alternative Proteins
  • Digital Traceability
  • Circular Food Systems
  • Targeted Nutrition

2021 Seedbed Applications

Applications for Seedbed 2021 will open at the beginning of next year.

If you are interested and would like to keep up to date with Seedbed application opening periods, please register your interest here.

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about our EIT Food Seedbed Programme, please get in touch with your regional hub manager:

  • Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine: Olha Pelekh - 
  • Austria, Belgium, Germany, LuxemburgSwitzerland, The Netherlands: Alexander Märdian -
  • Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey - Juliet Bray -
  • Denmark, Faroe Island, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden: Charlotte Bay Hansen -
  • France, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom: Kerri Crossey - 


The following partners are involved in the project

Queen’s University of Belfast
University of Warsaw
Grupo AN S.Coop
Aarhus University
Danone Research

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