SME Workshop: Supporting SMEs for new business opportunities

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SME Workshop: Supporting SMEs for new business opportunities

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The main objective of the SME workshop is a trend-driven innovation process around “sustainable food production”, to identify challenges and create solutions in an accelerate innovation process. The first step will be a “creative problem solving" process to identify SMEs challenges and needs related to “sustainable food production” in Europe. The second step will be to identify and study trends related with the challenge as growth opportunities, and apply this knowledge to create innovative solutions, discover niche markets, promote innovation ecosystems (networks) and improve competitiveness. In the final step “knowledge transfer”, 4 SME workshops will be held in Germany, Spain, Poland and UK. Educational talks will mix with creative activities that fix the objectives of the workshop: create new business opportunities to SMEs in the food sector in an inspiring, stimulating and accelerate way. Additionally, job brokerage for students will be also included.

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