Pressure for healthier and more natural fat-based foods (underPRESSURE)

Pressure for healthier and more natural fat-based foods (underPRESSURE)

Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier products to fulfil their personalised nutrition needs and more natural foods (clean label) in which they can put their trust. Both are nowadays key and challenge drivers for the food industry. underPRESSURE project will scale-up a technological solution for producing “high” viscosity fat-based products addressing these consumer demands. Safe foods with lower fat content (fat reduction >30%) and reduced use of additives will be developed, maintaining or even improving their sensory characteristics and stability respect to full-fat conventional references. In order to assure a consumer driven project, consumers will be engaged from the creation to the validation of these food products, ensuring to meet their expectations.

Project Leadership

  • Name: Gomez Rodriguez
  • Organisation: Acesur

Participating organisations