EIT Food RIS Solutions

EIT Food RIS Solutions

EIT Food RIS Solutions is aimed at engaging student groups with multi-disciplinary backgrounds, from RIS countries and of all educational levels, to work jointly on problem cases responding to agrifood challenges in RIS countries. Developing industrially relevant solutions for a period of 4 months, students will be supported in their activities by both academics and professionals and will also receive coaching and mentoring services about IPR issues. Selected student groups will present the results of their activities (i.e. a food prototype, a new solution, a business model) in “Food Marathon - Foodahtons”. The Foodahton will enable students to improve proposed food solutions through learning-by-doing activities, intensive collaboration with peers and consultations with main stakeholders/users. Two Foodahtons will be organized in 2019 and they will serve as a catalyst for the creation of sustainable and tangible solutions to real challenges by innovative and talented students.

Project Leadership

  • Name: Bartek Mielniczuk
  • Organisation: Maspex

Participating organisations