EATrends & food fashion week

EATrends & food fashion week

The “EATrends & food fashion week” is a 2-3 day experimental public event and outreach activity that will showcase and increase awareness of the trends that drive food innovation. As citizens drive trends, this will be a consumer-centric initiative and will be initially held in 2 European cities in 2019: Bilbao and Leuven. A 'trends parade' where pop-up showrooms around the city will empower society to contribute to participatory trend research, evoke new behaviors, “touch, feel and taste” innovation, strengthen connections to EIT Food and its partners, and how all impact citizen's lives. This will lead to a reference EATrends Observatory (around food) with a global coverage. The initiative takes a research-driven approach, collecting data from a growing community of consumers ahead of the event, and at the same time stimulates dialogue, awareness and education on the main concepts behind trends: including trust and transparency, sustainability, health and wellbeing.

Project Leadership

  • Name: Sonia Riesco
  • Organisation: Azti

Participating organisations