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EIT Food Italian Journalism Awards on food innovation and sustainability

Location: Italy 

After the success in Spain (2019, 2020) and in Italy (2020), EIT Food wants to keep supporting Italian journalist and encourage their work (Press, Radio, Television or Internet) associated with agrifood values, and particularly those that constitute the objective of this Award. Healthy and affordable food, sustainability in agrifood, food innovation, consumer-oriented food, digitization in agrifood… are some of the themes that the writers must write about.

EIT Food is looking for a manager and organiser for the second Italian Journalism Award on Food Innovation and Sustainability. The activities to be carried out by the selected organiser shall include at least:

• Support in the adaptation of the Terms of Reference to the Italian context, but maintaining aligned with other countries.
• Carry out the Internal evaluation of the proposals. Design a point system to select the 10 best ones, which the jury will evaluate.
• Support EIT Food with the scouting of mentors and experts in relevant topics to be part of the jury (4/5 pax) and gather them, write the minutes and liaise with them in everything related to the selection of the winners. 2 should be journalists or media professionals.

  • Preparation of the award ceremony agenda (in cooperation with EIT Food) and layout of the final version.
  • Design of the online awards ceremony + round table and coordination with our Italian partners.
  • Hosting of the hybrid event (providing free access to the participants) in a robust e platform (e.g. Zoom, Gotomeeting, Webex, etc.) which allows the participation of minimum 60 people and recording in a studio.
  • Conduction of the online event, including the following tasks: to lead and moderate the different sessions, to control the timing of speakers, to facilitate/dynamise the sessions encouraging the active participation of participants
  • Dissemination of the call and of the award ceremony: press releases, social media, mailings… All designs must respect the Awards and EIT Food branding - preferably developed in collaboration with our agency-.
  • Public engagement during and after the event using social media including (but not limited to) the publication of banners with relevant quotes of the event.
  • Preparation of a brief report on the outcomes of all the actions by the end of December, including registrations, database, communication actions and media appearances.
  • Dissemination of a press release in Italian amongst national media after the event and a press call before the event


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