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EIT Food Challenge Labs Spain - Request for subcontractor

Location: Spain  

The Challenge Labs is a multi‐stage programme designed using principles from design thinking and service design. Program will be delivered as part of activities within Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) across 17 countries. In each of the 17 European countries, there will be an organisation chosen to deliver the programme locally (RIS Hubs). Main responsibility of the subcontractor chosen in this call is to deliver the local Challenge Lab in Spain.

Selected organisation is expected to take part/deliver the following actions:

1. Research on industry challenges (September‐October) ‐ Using EIT Food’s and the selected subcontractor’s online and offline channels and network, organisation is expected to collect a series of challenges facing the food system in Spain through research and interviews with agrifood sector representatives.

2. Recruitment (October‐November): Challenge Labs participants are divided into two groups:
a. Workshop participants: depending on the topic/challenged tackled, this varies form
alumni or PhD students, startup founders, entrepreneurs, MBAs and professionals
from areas of food technology, nutrition, biotechnology, marketing, business
administration, psychology and other areas with possible application in agrifood
b. Experts/mentors – group of experienced professionals having at least 5 years of
experience in the agrifood sector in different roles such as R&D, Business
Development, Innovation, Strategy, Sales etc.
c. Consumers/moderators – selected organisation is also responsible for the
recruitment for other actors important for the workshop: consumers who are giving
their feedback on the solutions developed by the participants as well as moderators
and hosts leading participants, experts and consumers through the workshop.

3. Workshop (November) – participants are invited to the workshop where they are presented with the challenges.

4. Summary report (December) – selected organisation will be asked to write a short report on the execution and findings from the workshop.

5. Promotion (continuing) – together with EIT Food team,subcontractor is expected to promote the programme within its network, in relation to recruitment and general awareness of the Challenge Labs programm