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Call for Regnerative Agriculture Videos

Location: Spain, Italy 

We are looking for an experienced communication company that can help us tell the story of regenerative agriculture in Europe. The company will have experience capturing beautiful footage of landscapes, nature and agriculture, and be able to tell complex stories in a simple understandable way.

We hope to find a company that can help us draft our storytelling strategy together. However, currently, we are thinking that the strategy could include:

  • A 2-minute Regenerative Agriculture explainer video that clearly and powerfully outlines what regenerative agriculture is, its benefits for the planet and human health, and how you do it. This video will launch a much broader communications strategy in EIT Food’s media channels and will be used at events across Europe to encourage farmers to transition to more regenerative methods of agriculture.
  • Farmer Mini-Series: Following the explainer video, we intend to explain and illustrate regenerative agriculture in a deeper, more narrative way. These follow-up videos will provide more information on what regenerative agriculture is, show examples of who is doing it, and explain the benefits of regenerative agriculture for Europe’s landscapes and people.


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