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Call for academic centres to carry out a master class within the project PHENOILS

Location: Portugal 


This programme incorporates new physical technologies in the extraction of the virgin olive oil process in order to produce oils with a higher amount of minor components with higher preventive effects such as polyphenols and tocopherols. Read more about the project here.

About the Call

EPS consortium (EnergyPulse Systems) is looking for a centre for the realisation of a Master Class on one of the new and most potential techniques in development for the improvement of the current extraction processes of Virgin Olive Oil.

The programme should be carried out in a centre of Portugal between September and December 2020 and will be taught by the technicians of EPS (EnergyPulse Systems), which will describe the new technology developed by them based on Pulse Electric fields for the improvement of the extraction and quality of Olive Virgin Oils (increased content in natural antioxidants for the production of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality).

The centres that could accede to this call are:

  • University, within Bachelor’s Degrees in Chemical Sciences, Engineering, Food Technology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Biology.
  • Centre for specialized studies.
  • Master’s activity of food technology specialization (Algarve, Portugal) or quality technology and food (Viseu, Portugal)

Requirements: University/Research Centre/Congress/Online master

Number of students: 20-30


Time: 2 hours

To carry out the master class application at your centre/university/master, you can contact:


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