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UNFSS ‘Good Food For All’ Competition Winners: Part 2

Matt is joined by EIT Food’s Strategic Relationship Manager, Barbaros Corekoglu, to celebrate the small business entrepreneurs who are transforming their food systems for a better tomorrow.

26 Nov 2021


These innovators are all winners of the recent UN Food Systems Summit ‘Good Food For All’ competition. In part 2, you will hear about farming and agricultural innovations including solar powered cold rooms, pay as you use solar energy for farmers, saltwater-based agriculture and super chickpeas.

Takeaway points:

  • This episode of the podcast discusses four of the winners from the ‘Good food for all’ UNFSS SME competition. The SMEs are among the 50 winners selected from nearly 2,000 applications from 135 countries. They showcase inspiring, diverse, and impactful solutions which are improving access to healthy, sustainable food innovations. These changemakers are driven by purpose, and are making an impact in their communities.
  • ColdHubs build and maintain off-grid solar powered cold rooms for farmers in Nigeria, helping them to increase the shelf-life of their produce from 2 days to 21 days. In 2020, ColdHubs saved 40,200 tonnes of food from spoilage, increased income for 5,250 farmers from US$60/month to US$120/month, created 54 new jobs for women, and prevented 1 million kg of CO2 emissions.
  • Oorja Development Solutions is a social enterprise from India which is increasing the income and livelihood of smallholder farmers by providing farming-as-a-service clean energy solutions. Oorja are helping farmers access solar energy technology as part of a pay as you use system, which is cheaper than using diesel and doesn’t require the upfront costs associated with buying, installing and maintaining solar technology.
  • Red Sea Farms is reducing the carbon and water footprint of the food sector by developing and delivering an environmentally sustainable saltwater-based agriculture system. The system uses technology based on plant science, active cooling, passive cooling and autonomous control to enable agriculture on marginal lands.
  • EIT Food RisingFoodStar Innovopro has developed technology which enables the extraction of 70% concentrated chickpea protein and other chickpea products. Their technology provides a sustainable protein source, which uses low amounts of water and energy in production, and encourages a circular food economy approach.
  • The Good Food SME Hub was launched in support of the 2021 UNFSS with support from EIT Food in October 2021 – this platform will connect SMEs from all over the world, encouraging collaboration and sharing of good practice.

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